Frequently asked questions

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Why choose The Logo Design Company?

We have years of experience in designing logos and corporate identities. You can count on us for an effective service that suits your needs and fulfils your brief to deliver unique results that are right for you. Our highly qualified designer is teamed with an experienced account manager (who’s also an illustrator) to ensure our designs are focused and have a clear commercial rationale.

How much will it cost?

We charge £45 per hour as a flat rate for everything we do: artwork, research, brainstorming, writing copy, photos, website design and development. We don’t charge you for time spent thinking about the best approach while we’re off for a cycle ride or staring at a great view on a Sunday afternoon. You’ll receive a firm quote before we start work.

Can we have a fixed price?

Yes, because our clients like it that way. Let’s face it, everyone’s on a tight budget so we deliver outstanding value at a fixed price. Our packaged rates are based on the amount of time we expect to spend on developing your logo and designs.

While these packages don’t allow for face-to-face meetings, presentations and everything that goes into a complete corporate identity programme for a large or complex organisation, we’re always happy to undertake larger projects. Please contact us for a bespoke proposal and quotation.

What if I can find someone cheaper?

You invariably will but you get what you pay for. We’re a full time business offering the highest calibre design and illustration. Our approach combines creativity and commercial know-how with time. Considering what you get, we think it’s great value and hope you do too. After all, you wouldn’t want to cut corners on something as important as your logo, would you?

What exactly do I get?

Our creativity, our experience, our passion, our undivided attention and a perfect design solution. In order to reach that solution we use a process that has evolved over the years, that begins with our briefing form and ends with a suite of electronic files complete with colour palette and font specifications. The artwork files include vector graphics so that you can put your new logo across the side of a pen or a super yacht.

Will my logo be one of a kind?

Yes, it’s designed exclusively for you. We never recycle designs, copy other logos or use clip mart. You can submit it for EU design registration and/or for trade mark registration.

Who owns copyright?

You do. We assign full ownership to you upon completion of the project and settlement of our invoice.

How long does it take?

Expect it to take a couple of weeks or even up-to a few months depending on how quickly you can respond with feedback and the scope of design. If you need it quickly, we’ll do our best to fit in with your schedule.

What’s the process?

  • Complete our logo design briefing, either on or off-line.
  • You’ll then receive a firm quote by email.
  • If you’d like to go ahead, an account manager will contact you.
  • We carry out research, if that’s what’s been agreed
  • We will come up with an initial set of visuals.

The visuals will be developed into a single logo that reflects the brief and your requirements. Once signed off, you get a disc of artwork.

How do I check on progress?

Email and phone is the most time-efficient way of keeping you in the picture. Rest assured, we’ve worked with numerous clients we haven’t even met and we’re totally on their wavelength.

And if the visuals don’t suit me?

If the initial designs aren’t right, we go back to the drawing board. It’s a collaboration between you and us, and we expect the final logo to be a result of building upon what you do like about the visuals and tweaking away until you’re happy. Your feedback is a vital part of the process and we work well with specifics, e.g. ‘I like the blue but can you tone down the rest?’ 

What format does the logo arrive in?

We’ll give you all the electronic files needed to reproduce your logo in print, online, on signs and whatever else you need. We cover all the normal bases but if you need a particular file format in future, we can arrange it for a small charge that covers our expenses.

Do you supply stationery?

Yes we can arrange the printing of your stationery and anything you may may need and for the ultimate in convenience deliver direct to your door.

And website design?

Of course! We love designing websites and will be delighted to talk to you about the options.