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Logo or brand?

So you need a logo, or are you looking to get a brand? They often get talked about as if they're both the same, but actually that's not the case, so let us clear up the confusion. In the beginning, there's a logo. Then you build your brand.


A brand is the recognisable style that marks a company as being unique. It’s what makes you stand out from your competition. A lot of a brand is intangible as it encompasses not just the look and feel of a business, but its perception and entire identity. And a brand is created by customer experience.

People who’d like a logo for their business, sometimes refer to it as a brand. When really, your logo is a mix of elements such as the company or product name in a certain typeface, in a specific colour in a graphic that makes it unique. Sometimes it includes a strapline.


Your logo is part of your corporate identity and your identity is a part of what makes your brand. So let's keep it simple and focus on your logo. Your logo's success is based on its design and relevance to your business and the visual appeal to your target market.

Other design companies will try and sell you a comprehensive brand strategy for a comprehensive price, when really, what you need is a great logo that works for you. Simple as that. If the logo is well designed, it will easily translate to your website and other marketing materials, making it fit for purpose. And guess what? A good logo helps create a coherent brand image.

A good logo will:

Reflect the values of your product or service Work across all media platforms Be instantly recognisable Look great and will appeal to your target market Make you stand out from the competition Be created specifically for you

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Our clients have ranged from sole traders through to one of the world's largest airline and cruise ship corporations and we'd like to work with you. We believe there's NEVER an excuse for poor design or poor service no matter how large or small the project or how large or small the client. You'll find us friendly and accessible, with a professional approach. We're not a fly-by-night operation – some of our clients have been with us for many years and we still get a kick out of surprising and delighting them! Have a look at our portfolio for a selection of designs.

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